Certify your digital files in a few clicks
with Blockchain technology

Why use Datatrust ?

Datatrust makes use of the Ethereum blockchain to create a certificate of your digital file integrity: documents, photographs, records, … This certificate attests to the existence and status of a file at a given time.



In a few clicks, the Datatrust certificate is created and generated in PDF format



Datatrust certificates are registered on the blockchain and cannot be modified nor deleted.



Certification of your digital files is done in a few clicks


Designs & Templates

Certification of all steps in the creation of a perfume bottle makes it possible to prove your authorship before a judge, even if the filing with INPI has not yet been made.

Insurance certificates

The insurer can validate on the blockchain the certificates it issues in order to allow third parties (social landlords, etc.) to verify in a few clicks their integrity.

Commercial register / KBIS extract

Canton of Geneva digitally certifies KBIS extracts. It is thus possible to check the authenticity of a KBIS directly on the Geneva site.


Many High schools and universities use Blockchain technology to validate their certificates and combat usage of false diplomas.






État de Genève

State of Geneva

Datatrust is a brand by Blockchain Partner
French Leader on service in Blockchain technologies


Protect intellectual property thanks to the Blockchain

Use the Blockchain to guarantee the anteriority and integrity of any creation.

5 questions to understand Blockchain certification

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GDPR : 4 purposes of the Blockchain authentication

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Blockchain technology : a response to the Directive on business confidentiality

Blockchain technology is a response to the Directive on business confidentiality, it allows companies to time-stamp and certify integrity of their valuable business know-how and information.